DVD Templates

What you need to know about DVDs

At One Stop Media Services, we produce both Duplicated and Replicated DVDs.  If you only need a small quantity, then the Duplication template is what you need.  If you need a large quantity, then you’ll want to download the Replication template.  There is a small difference in the printable area on the face of the discs.

Some non-essential but interesting facts about DVD’s:

DVDs are virtually identical to CDs in their outer appearance but the key point of difference between them is the amount of storage capacity. DVDs can store much more data than CDs. DVDs can be single or double-sided, and can have two layers on each side. DVDs can be recorded on both sides, whereas CDs can be recorded only on one side. Single-sided, single-layer standard DVDs can store about seven times more data than ordinary CDs. DVDs, with a lifespan of more than 100 years, offer advanced visual quality when compared to CDs. These discs can also store the utmost quality still images, audio, and other multimedia in addition to video files. DVDs feature advantages such as interactive menus, section searches, multiple video and audio tracks and much more. DVDs ensure that the data delivered is precisely the same as the one recorded, without any loss of quality.

Duplication (up to 999 pieces)
Replication (1,000 or more pieces)