DVD Case Template

Standard DVD Case

This product is the gold standard for DVDs.  While it typically holds DVD’s, there’s no reason you can’t put a CD or Bluray disc in instead.

The wrap around cover entrapment has the back, spine, and cover all on a single paper.  On the inside left side of the case are a pair of clips to hold an insert with any additional info you want to include.  If you want to go big, you can squeeze up to a 24-page booklet into the interior clips.

Typically the case is “charcoal” in color, but there are additional options. Clear, black or white are the most common.  If you choose a clear case, then the cover can be printed on both sides so an image displays on the inside panels and behind the disc.

Slim Entrapment (7 mm)
Thick Entrapment (27 mm)
Standard Entrapment (14 mm)
DVD Insert (2-panel)