CD and DVD Duplication

What is the main difference between duplication and replication?

When a disc is Duplicated, it means the content is burned with a laser onto a blank disc. If a disc is Replicated, it uses a mold to form the disc with the content already in the plastic of the disc. Duplicated CDs have a green playing surface (bottom side of the disc) and duplicated DVDs have a purple playing surface. Replicated discs look exactly like the ones you would purchase from a music or video store, with a silver playing surface. Replicating larger quantities of discs is generally less expensive because the cost of the mold is spread out across more discs.  When the data is embedded directly into the disc, there is no added step later of burning the data onto the disc resulting in additional labor costs. Duplication, however, is more cost effective and faster for smaller quantities of discs because no master mold is created.

Duplication is the process of burning your content onto pre-fabricated discs that can be written on only once (think a CD-R, DVD-R, or BD-R). Because this process simply burns the data onto discs it is recommended for small quantities (under 1,000) of discs.

Are you looking to create just a couple CDs to sell to your fans at your next gig? How about making a soundtrack to give to your family for the holidays? We offer CD duplication for those smaller quantities of 999 or less. Simply provide your album artwork and content files and we will create high quality copies and packaging to fit your needs. To learn more about what dimensions and formats you need or the packaging options available, visit our template section. If you already know what you want, just go ahead and contact us to start your order.

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