Media Transfers

Converting media types

In our early days our business was all about cassette duplication.  We know a thing or two about older formats and are well equipped to convert your old media to an updated form that can be easily accessed.  We’re not limited to Cassettes however.  We also have experience with 8mm tapes, VHS, and let’s not forget about reel to reel film.  

Physical vs Digital

It’s nice to have a copy of your files on a physical disc.  There’s something about being able to hold onto it.  But, we can take that old school tech and provide a high quality digital file in return.  The option is yours. Do you have questions? Lets talk.

Equipment is On-site

We do the work right here in our office.  We don’t take your irreplaceable media and send it off to some 3rd party company to do the work.  We do the work right here.  Once your media arrives, it never leaves the building until you’re ready for it.  Rest easy, we keep your memories safe.