CD Templates

What you need to know about CDs

At One Stop Media Services, we produce both Duplicated and Replicated CDs.  If you only need a small quantity, then the Duplication template is what you need.  If you need a large quantity, then you’ll want to download the Replication template.  There is a small difference in the printable area on the face of the discs.

Some non-essential but interesting facts about CD’s:

Read by a red-light laser beam, the CD plays from the centre to the edge, rotating at a speed varying from 400 times a minute at the beginning to 250 times a minute at the end. This is equivalent to flying round the earth one inch above the surface, up to 400 times a minute, counting every blade of grass on the way.

Your CD is read by the laser beam and makes over 44,000 arithmetical calculations every second in at least two dimensions. It is adding up columns of numbers (‘digits’). But many of the numbers are missing because there are thousands of errors on the average CD. Therefore the numbers are added up laterally as well as vertically, enabling the CD-player to fill in the missing numbers by cross-checking them. This is all quite normal and is called ‘error correction’.

Duplication (up to 999 pieces)
Replication (1,000 or more pieces)